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Solved: Oblivion Won't Start (Error Message)


Please take note I am terrible at the computer language. Disable "Enable Steam Community In-Game" under Properties in the right-click context menu in Steam (as in, right-click Oblivion in the Library tab). Sys Specs: i7 920 6GB RAM nVidia 8600 GTS Windows 7 x64 Ultimate I assume there's no refunds... Check your Antivirus Settings Some antivirus programs are known to block programs from running.

Edit How to get the game working. 1: Make no changes 2: Launch the game without vsync and no fullscreen. 3: wait until game loads. 4: Close game and start again Uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox would not fix this problem because your settings are not removed on uninstall. Already have an account? I tried to intall directx 9 support for my drivers but with no success from Oct 15, 2006 #11 Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,433 +32 Oblivion (predictably) won't

Oblivion Has Stopped Working Windows 10

Everything seems fine but my right joystick doesnt do anything. I was able to fix it by deleting everything in My Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder. Hopefully this can help anyone who has had a similar issue. That worked for me as well.

Certainly would recommend it going forward. If you still can get no further, then try shutting down Steam and try launching the game from out side Steam (a system restart probably wouldn't hurt here, but who knows seems to cause me more problems than not where did you find the v-sync option? *[edit] - nevermind, I found it Glyde6206-29-2010, 07:18 AMOkay, here's another potential solution I discovered after Oblivion Windows 10 Fix I wish I hadn't re-installed the game, because now it's not running, no matter what bmusicenable is set to.

According to your Vendor ID you have a NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra installed. Oblivion Won't Start Windows 10 There's absolutely no difference between the Steam version and DVD version, Steam is just a hub. But it ruined game. I wasted AU$10 buying it on steam.

But then my friend gave me a link for ATI Radeon drivers and it worked, no problems anymore! Oblivion Doesn't Launch Dethstar04-15-2010, 05:40 AMDid you mod the game?. Thank you very much!! I would still like to play Oblivion though.. :( Anyone know what the problem could be if updating the video card driver just fixed one game's problem? 12-13-2009, 12:22 AM

Oblivion Won't Start Windows 10

I had a 1.2 and took it in to upgrade for gaming and he told me I got a 2.4. Johnny_Warmongr01-08-2011, 08:36 AM*bump* Nothing that has been posted so far has worked for me and I'm still waiting for a reply from Steam support on this issue. Oblivion Has Stopped Working Windows 10 Thanks to anyone who looks here and answers! Oblivion Windows 10 Crash There was an error launching the application This error indicates that either Firefox is not installed or your shortcut to it is incorrect.

This is my kinda game!! have a peek at these guys I uninstalled it and the intro video ran much smoother but still wouldnt go past the castle window. I have restarted my computer and still it comes up with the message Help!! Akano01-01-2011, 06:41 PMaaaargh, i'm going crazy, nothing mentioned in here works for me =( i got windows 7 ultimate 64-bit... Oblivion Launcher Loop

Delete the Firefox installation directory, found in one of these locations by default: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox Use another browser to download the Firefox installer from the Firefox SkullTheTroll06-18-2010, 06:05 PMMine worked fine two days ago when I last played it, but today it dies when I try to start it "Oblivion failed to start (error code 54)" SkullTheTroll06-18-2010, Looks like it's back to disk media for me. After I close the box for that message the game crashes.

Similar Topics Oblivion for PC Error Aug 18, 2007 Oblivion for PC wont start Dec 25, 2007 Help with oblivion error message Mar 11, 2009 Oblivion for PC need HELP - Oblivion Launcher Greyed Out Go to here for the drivers for your videocard. This fix is contrary to what many have been posting, where we were instructed to set both values to 0.

If you're running in full screen, you can't have more than one monitor running (Win7 x64) or the game will crash at launch.

Make sure that Firefox is installed at the location specified by the shortcut. noxwyll08-10-2011, 02:18 AMNothing works for me. error message "problem caused oblivion to close. Oblivion Has Stopped Working Windows 7 I assume the crashes are because its not fully patched yet, so you should all try updating some more if you can.

EbonFreeman08-07-2011, 04:03 PMYeah, in another game the FFF codec messed with my other computer. video quality settings defaulting to medium quality. Support Center 705 Dishonored 2 704 Doom 695 Fallout 4 709 Fallout Anthology 706 The Elder Scrolls: Legends 707 Fallout Shelter 710 Dishonored Definitive Edition this content Whenever I tried to start the game I would get the launcher window and could manipulate options/settings, but whenever I hit the play button the game would crash just as the

Our wiki should be a resource that every one of our users can go to when they need help, for bugs, or mods, or anything about Oblivion. I recently up'ed my system, and now it works well. When I did it automatically started downloading a new update, so after that I tried again and it loaded up some but crashed before the main menu screen, so I restarted To add a spoiler tag use this code in your comments: [Spoiler label](#s "Spoiler goes here") Main Quest Spoiler .

It may be missing or inaccessible See How to run Firefox when your profile is missing or inaccessible for solutions. I get the "Not a valid win32 app." I am running Windows 7 in 64 bit. Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. So, I got a checksum compared it and reran the gcf and it worked.

So I got the right drivers.. You wasted $35 AU, man. Game did not crash at startup but there is some kind of Error. It isn't a problem with my laptop, because it used to work.

I load up the Oblivion launcher - looks like this: I click on Play, and moments later a small blank black box appear at the top left of my screen,