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Solved: Old Website Keeps Showing Up And It Shouldn't


If so, add an exception for to the browser extension/add-on, and it shouldn't block our code any more. ↑ Table of Contents ↑Logging out/Preview issues If you find yourself getting Site errors overview In a well-operating site, the Site errors section of the Crawl Errors report should show no errors (this is true for the large majority of the sites we That is the main problem they must resolve. Any tips to share?

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There were 5 DNS servers, but they only changed the first two since, "We can hit it later, there's no chance anyone is going beyond the first two." It caused us In the Crawl Errors dashboard, Google will show you these errors for the last 90 days. Permanent Fix Link As above, check the log files, especially the Apache error logs. it's just happened to me.

Http Error 500

When the dust has settled, this might be a conversation worth having with your boss — the one still sitting glumly by the phone, eyeing your frown, and waiting for Bono [email protected]$ top Every few seconds, this gives a snapshot of which bits of software are running, which user started them and how much of your memory and CPU each is using. There may be a bit of authority lost depending on who you ask, but a lot of it is still there. However, using the command line will impress your colleagues more, and it is good practice for the methods in the rest of this article. 3.

Depending on various errors, or massive 404 lists I can see if there was a site migration that never had the proper redirects put in place or if as you stated Anything else I can do besides what you have already suggested? We generated this error to avoid including what might be an incorrect section of text. Wordpress I have bookmarked it for future reference. 9 times out of 10, when my client's sites go down, it's an issue caused by their hosting provider, and yet they still automatically

Just deleting, anything else is to time consuming. Should be included in the initial audit before starting the SEO processes.

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This is a great content. Look for any unusual entries. Said for one reason or another the domain needed to be toggled.

Thanks for the comment, Paul 2 45 Paul Tero December 14, 2010 1:37 am I'm not sure - I don't know much about the security side. Chrome Download See if all of your websites are down on that server or just the one. 2. Recommendations Follow the date formatting recommendations below: Place a clear date and time for each of your articles in between the article's title and the article's text in a separate line Any tips to share?

Submit Cancel Mikuss 2016-09-21T01:48:36-07:00 Hi Joe, Some interesting questions so thought I'd offer my two cents worth; 1) This really depends on the size of the problem

Google Chrome Update

I suppose you should figure out the type of hack that was used, remove it completely, and make sure the server is patched so it won't happen again. I can't remember it's exact name. (This despite checking all the boxes.) Because it is not a virus or malware it cannot be taken care of with antivirus or anti-malware tools, Http Error 500 Those temporary files are called the browser cache. Gtmetrix Just saying.....

September 15, 2013 Mike L If you don't/can't read, you deserve what you get.

Check the Apache error log for clues. On Windows, it will repeat four times, as above. The good news is the iCloud Calendar invitation spam problem is so widespread that it has received mentions in The New York Times and CNBC, so hopefully that means we'll get Our IT department decided to move our registar without telling anyone. Browser

A DNS error means the Googlebot can’t even lookup your URL because of DNS issues, while server errors mean that although the Googlebot can connect to your site, it can’t load Typically entering the IP address isn't going to get you to your site for Godaddy hosting, so it's probably an unrelated issue. Thank you 2 38 Rizqi Djamaluddin December 13, 2010 7:05 pm All of this, plus it's simply about showing a good business impression. Otherwise, you'll have to keep listening to Foreigner until your hosting company answers the phone.

You have been added to my colossal bookmarks folder. :D @WordVerb … curiosity grabs me. Internet Explorer Reply Jennifer says: November 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm THANK YOU!!! Whichever approach you take to address this issue, be sure to allow Googlebot access to all assets of your site (CSS, JavaScript, and images) and do not block them with robots.txt

Becoming a Super-User Link Most of the fixes above require special permissions.

This has become a regular part of my weekly routine. It really helped me. The number of steps depends on how far away the server is and where the network has broken down. Dns When troubleshooting, it is always important that you are seeing the current state of the issue.

Get his latest guide, The SEO Emergency Checklist, free. Internet Explorer Solution Center Troubleshooting Firefox Chrome Support Safari Support Try an alternate computer in the same location. That would be helpful! 0 7 Jeremy Hixon December 13, 2010 6:18 am This is a very useful article for anyone who deals with or helps diagnose problems for clients. access ssh via putty > top ..

As if it's never happened before. The tag will ensure we're able to pick the correct date for your articles. Any idea what's going on? I only have Receive event invitations as: In-app notifications :( Reply Chris says: November 27, 2016 at 10:40 pm How foolish does a company have to be to build a calendar

Reply Melissa says: December 2, 2016 at 4:27 pm Thank you! Where possible, use absolute rather than relative links. (For instance, when linking to another page in your site, link to rather than simply mypage.html). Regards, Sadun KAYA Reply Sadun KAYA07.06.2013 at 12:16 pm 3 days ago my website has been transfered to a new server without asking me, but after they have transfered, we see I use godaddy server for hosting.

Checking memory usage on a Linux server. If you're worried about rogue bots using the Googlebot user-agent, you can verify whether a crawler is actually Googlebot.