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Which one you should choose differs from socket to socket and is ultimately up to you. Moderator VaminoFollowForum Posts: 252Wiki Points: 59Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 3#16 Posted by Vamino (252 posts) - 1 year, 8 months [email protected]: Ah okay, didn't even think of that! Carefully lift your motherboard out of the case. Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Dash-X, Jun 21, 2010.

Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? if it's a stock cooler then there is your problem. also as others suggested, de-dust your entire machine inside and out..... But then, after maybe 30 minutes of game time, my pc shut down without a warning.

Thermal Paste

My CPU runs at about 50-60 degrees celsius when mostly idle (browsing, watching videos and streams, shit like that).Also I should mention it is not overclocked. The thermal paste is what helps transfer the heat off of the CPU and onto the heatsink, which is then cooled off by the fan. ekim68 replied Mar 6, 2017 at 11:14 PM Sign of the times ekim68 replied Mar 6, 2017 at 11:12 PM Cool stuff on YouTube #2 ekim68 replied Mar 6, 2017 at Owning a computer has got to be the most expensive hobby I ever had.

Dash-X, Jun 21, 2010 #3 This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies. A good case fan should be at most ~$30 (although who knows what kind of a markup they may add, or if they have to order it from somewhere) and labor Thanks for the answers everyone. And if i am going to need a new cooler, please recommend me one from this site here: With the best price/performance ratio please Dash-X, Jun 21, 2010 #1

Do you think i should change the cooler? brand? 1 BlueOvale Posts: 204 Member October 2016 It was custom built, so I would know where to go for a checkup at least. I love mine, so much nicer to deal with than the old 2lbs hulking hunk of aluminium I used to have strapped to my motherboard. Here's what you need to keep in mind and how to make the operation go smoothly.

Owning a computer has got to be the most expensive hobby I ever had. Check out more information on our blog. Even today, neither Intel nor AMD bother to equip their processors with anything more than what is absolutely required, leading to unnecessarily high temperatures and relentless fan noises, slowly chipping away No, no one wants to make their computer slower on purpose - but it's a quicker and cheaper fix than replacing the fan.

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If it's the fan within the power supply itself, I don't know if those can be disassembled to replace the fan or not. Next, look for the screws that are keeping your motherboard attached to the PC case. Thermal Paste There was dust, but not that much, I've seen worst before. Even a cheap $10 heatsink will do a much better job.

Additional batteries are affected. Read more Register · Log In HP Support Forum Home > Desktops > Hardware > Can my old cooler handle a new cpu like core 2 duo E7500? Feel free to edit it again, but I'm trying to avoid a full day or more of people repeating the same advice that has already been given 20 times without reading I should still be able to play longer than 30 minutes of TS4 with that processor don't you think? 0 chesterbigbird Posts: 7,611 Member October 2016 BlueOvale wrote: » I only

Your main options would be: 1) Disable overclocking, if enabled, or even under-clock the CPU so that it runs at a slower speed, and thus, won't generate as much heat - Many coolers require the installation of a backplate on the other side of your motherboard to stabilize them. Its a giant case from thermaltake, with grates on the side and a huge internal fan. plum money drain.

MikeFollowForum Posts: 17268Wiki Points: 22835Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 5#15 Posted by Mike (17268 posts) - 1 year, 8 months [email protected]: He has a 4790k - I checked his post history Oh and here is a picture of the shit Intel stock cooler when it was on the test bench for ten minutes, before being thrown in the trash where it belongs. I even added some thermal paste last summer because the same thing happened while playing WoW.

I wouldn't play any games personally unless while playing other games your temps aren't going passed say 80C...

It's tiny and lightweight and the fan on it actually made me chuckle it's so pathetic looking. GruebaccaFollowForum Posts: 813Wiki Points: 2Followed by: 0Reviews: 4 Lists: 0#11 Posted by Gruebacca (813 posts) - 1 year, 8 months agoYou should definitely get an aftermarket cooler if none of the My first gen core i7 used to hit 100 under full load (and I mean FULL load, all cores ~100%), so it's not outside the realm of possibility. Maybe worse due to the way they are mounted.

What Nich is asking you is if your CPU is overclocked or not. 0 chesterbigbird Posts: 7,611 Member October 2016 stock cooler or aftermarket? I've got it overclocked to a conservative 4.2 now and the Evo cooled it to just over 70C while the hybrid cooler I have now tops out in the high 60s.EDIT Get some thermal paste, some cotton swabs, some rubbing alcohol, and clean out the old stuff. I had a year long pause last time, so it shouldn't be that hard lol.

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>> Read on… Pages 1 2 3 Tags: Desktop PCs, Components, PC Upgrades Share this article Share Tweet Send  Hi. Moderator Dave_TacitusFollowForum Posts: 1955Wiki Points: 11Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 3#22 Edited by Dave_Tacitus (1955 posts) - 1 year, 8 months [email protected]: Yep, same cooler as I had. I have been building PCs since I was 8, with a 386 as my first build, and I've -never- been as frustrated as I when I tried using the stock heatsink But thanks everyone for the helpful responses.A self contained water cooling unit like a Corsair H60 or something won't take a lot of room at all.

Additionally, size matters – at least in terms of cooling. Now that I know what the problem is, I think I'll skip adding an extra fan because it's very dusty in my room, my carpet needs vacuuming, and I smoke a What model CPU is it? Good airflow can be more difficult depending on your case and wiring, but you should make sure there's as much empty space as possible between the different fans (front to back,

CPU overheating (solved) BlueOvale Posts: 204 Member October 2016 edited October 2016 in The Sims 4 Technical Discussions So I decided to fire up the game yesterday after a one year Loading... Plus most coolers fit on many other CPUS and can be switched to an upgraded system later on if it is indeed compatible. So I don't know, sorry.

After replugging my PC I noticed the big fan in the back is not working. I also downloaded a CPU temp monitor just to see how bad it gets and how fast. Typically, there are nine screws to be removed from ATX motherboards, though this may vary with other form factors. As this is going to be a fairly elaborate endeavour, it's a good idea to remove all cables from your computer and lay it down an an flat and well lit

But if I read your comment right, you're saying I should limit my clock speed so that my PC will run slower? I could play for hours on end with no problems, so I guess my CPU is getting old. plum money drain. Notice the temperature - that's what the chip idles at.

In the mean time until you get better cooling; dust that badboy, make sure the fans are running fine, and take the side panel off while gaming. ZelyreFollowForum Posts: 1735Wiki Points: 0Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 1#29 Posted by Zelyre (1735 posts) - 1 year, 8 months [email protected]: Echoing what a few other posters have said. CorvakFollowForum Posts: 1799Wiki Points: 0Followed by: 0Reviews: 0 Lists: 0#28 Edited by Corvak (1799 posts) - 1 year, 8 months agoSounds like a thermal paste issue, assuming the cooler is working