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I've seen ugly unmaintained ones, and they look nasty, but that's the owners fault for not maintaining it with a good professional paint sprayer. Step 2 use basic garden sprayer to wet down ceiling Spray the Ceiling Use a basic garden sprayer to wet down the ceiling. I'll leave them, if they happen to have them... It thas enough low sheen that a second coat of paint is not needed.

replyto A.T. No prep, no sanding. A drywall company is the best service provider to remove popcorn ceilings, unless the ceiling contains asbestos. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Gary W. I replaced a fluorescent light in the kitchen and couldn't get rid of the outline of the old light.

If the story moves you, compels you to act or tells you something you didn’t know, mark it high. Since then I've used it to cover paneling, a badly gouged wall after a kitchen remodel and a wall that looked like a pegboard after floor to ceiling shelving was removed.Friends Some contractors encapsulate it and then put a 1/4" thick drywall layer over it - this usually looks like a disaster unless it has a VERY rough textured finish on it, larger, and the ceiling might not easily scrape off, and smaller and you need to make more passes a bottle of Dawn dish soap A gallon of distilled white Vinegar.

At that time the next owner can easily have this done if it is a big deal to them. You might make a couple 2x4 tees - 4 feet across the top and long enough to reach the floor - to lift the sag back up to the joists, then Please Please Please, heed my words. It will look SOOOO good!

I plan to prime and paint. Asbestos work, cost is separateRemoving asbestos involves containing the affected area, so particles don’t spread through the house, and scraping off the texture or removing the drywall itself. Patch Drywall St. Removal is guaranteed - if Stronghold AntiMalware fails ask for FREE support. 24/7 Helpdesk Support and 5 hours of Remote Support via GoToAssist included into the package.

Use with caution. I look forward to hearing from you. — Sybil Dear Sybil, The most popular cure for dents in hardwood begins by; wetting the area with water. It's quick, strong and flexible, and held at the correct angle, won't gouge the sheet rock. If the test is positive for asbestos, contact a company that specializes in asbestos removal.

Those will dig into the drywall. Technically, it is the African asbestos that caused the huge lung issues. Let our support team solve your problem with and repair right now! Call us using the number below and describe your problem with Do not use small knives like a putty knife.

replyto Ann Steve White 3 years ago Subject: Just annoyed I feel very annoyed by being told what is ugly as this article does right from the start. Best time I ever spent. Store in the freezer. You are just scraping.

Heat for two minutes, let sit for a few hours. I plan on using your tip. replyto Helena Myrna 3 years ago Subject: Popcorn ceilings I see you feel annoyed by this article. Less gouging of Sheetrock paper, no skimming!

Warning: This option might not work if in Google Chrome you use online synchronization between PCs. Next cover the dent with a tea towel and press with a warm/medium heat clothing iron. Scraping popcorn ceilingAn ambitious homeowner can remove popcorn ceilings with nothing more than a spray bottle, a wide scraper and plenty of plastic.

EVERY public water system from Washington DC to Boston has asbestos in it because it is a NATURALLY occurring mineral and it does not harm you to drink it.

DIY expert Amy Matthews explains how to do it. Store a bowl of baking soda in your microwave when not in use. Also, it can create folder with name under C:\Program Files\ or C:\ProgramData. I have thought of doing something like this but a guy put up a wood-look ceiling tile in one room and I thought it was going OVER the popcorn but he

I've a question. replyto John Aspromonte Jeff 3 years ago Subject: Ceiling Drywall Sag I have popcorn texture on my ceilings in a house built in 1986, I would love to remove it because replyto JFS VegasDude 3 years ago Subject: Popcorn Ceilings I have an apt with popcorn ceilings... I would like to know if anyone has used the polystyrene tiles as a ceiling replacement?

I would consider using wall mesh with fasteners and "hot mud" (the drywall compound that you mix yourself, from powder, not the stuff in the tubs). your tips worked perfectly!