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Solved: Need Help Diagnosing This Laptop's Display Problem.

Read More . In any case, it’s not as easy to access as the RAM or HDD / SDD, as it doesn’t come with its own door or panel. Possible problem: Most likely the keyboard failed and they are not repairable. Right click on the display adapter and go to Driver tab. Check This Out

cj2600 January 29, 2014 | @ mohsen, Probably just keep an eye on it while using. Mark Rea October 18, 2012 | Thanks for exhausting list of advices, it helped to locate and fix the issue with our office HP laptop. The seller said the display was cracked; but, I never checked. The laptop is properly charging.

but I'm not finding any damage & hot parts, yet, i was soldering whole Motherboard, but result 0000. You can try to fix the problem by reseating the video cable on the back of the LCD and on the system board. By the description you provided I would assume that the FL inverter board is causing the problem.

It seems that the problem could be anywhere in the video system, from the video card, to the cable, to the inverter or the LCD itself. You just made my day, maybe my month!!! Now plug in the AC adapter again. A few minutes after the system has booted and the desktop appears, the display goes black.

Could some help me to solve this problem. cj2600 February 4, 2013 | @ CyberShot, Toshiba Satellite A300 When turning on Display comes and Turn off Automatically Does the laptop still work after the display turns off? I've had my Acer 1710 Inverter broken TWICE, and both times i sent it to the repair center. But if a few of them coincide, then it’s a sure sign that your CMOS battery is failing.

When I plug in an external monitor the correct image is displayed onscreen. Today I tried to connect to another external monitor. Laptop shuts down or freezes. Rgds.

How do you reseat connections or replace inverters? If the laptop fails with either module installed, probably it's not memory. Before you buy a completely new one, however, you should consider ways to... Some laptop issues, however, are often easier to repair than you would expect.

and if i power it on again and press f8 it will open in safe mode even for hours….i dont know why if in normal mode not goes thru..i format it his comment is here Just in case try to upgrade/reflash BIOS. Any emergency requires us to take a moment or two and assess the situation. ANonymous February 19, 2013 | someone please help me… laptop turn off by itself when i was playing games(games with high graphics)..when i play an old games it work just fine…even

John Anderson April 20, 2006 | I am replacing the FL Inverter on a Satellite M35X-S149. External monitor works fine. I don't understand your question. this contact form How to explain it… part on motherboard get stupid cuz they had some minor electric failure and all you need to do is plug battery out of your laptop press the

Thank you for your assistance, Ted Cwynar cj2600 April 6, 2006 | Hey Ted, Here are instructions for Dell Inspiron 8000 laptop. I used the Windows-based flash - is that the same as a floppy-disk based or would the latter be worth trying as well? Press Fn +F1 to display the image on the television.

Is it an error message in Windows?

The image still appears on the screen but it's very dark. One thing concerns me. However, if I tilt the screen back, I start to see a lot of subtle vertical lines all across the screen. Step 2 – Open your laptop’s back case where the ram is located and remove the ram from the ram slot.

When I press on the casing above the screen it goes away, but comes right back when I let go. I know its not a hardware problem but could use the help. Yes maybe your right I also think that its the board.. If the AC adapter provides steady voltage even when you wiggle the cable, probably the AC adapter is bad and you have a problem with the DC jack.

Justin May 3, 2006 | hi people….having troubles with my satellite A70 screen….it works perfectly on an external monitor…but on its own..the bottom 2-3 inches of the screen are solid vertical