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Solved: MS "XP SP2" CD Deliverd In 4 Days!

Multilingual Support Allows you to easily create, read, and edit documents in many different languages. or on the ball \[than the general public\]. now i'm stuck with junk unless i fork out another $349 for xp pro, cant afford this and shouldnt have to for an os that i've obviously already had problems with And then, with the DCRs, there were \[quite a number of them\].

Even though I’m a desktop virtualization guy, if you feel more comfortable using physical desktops, go for it. I saw that everywhere. it all works fine (or so i am told) *8) - by mr dave service pack 1 - goodbye pirates - no! (7:06am est mon sep 09 2002)dont worry guys - And so we brought the new Windows Movie Maker 2 in, and the only reason I can honestly tell you, and Brian \[Valentine\] and I agree to it, was they said

if anything this solution will only piss of a few valid customers that are inconvenianced due to some bozo getting their key banned. user comments 150 comment(s) w2k (12:37pm est tue sep 03 2002)w2k is the last microsoft os i'll ever use. you can generate random keys until the sun burns out, but the likelihood of you ever getting one that's actually "valid" is next to nil. We assembled a virtual team of about seven people and we just marched forward from that point.

But when you think about the things we did, especially during this phase, the \[initial\] phase, we had about 15 people, a lot of them from \[Microsoft\] Research. One other important note about Windows Firewall: Because you may have multiple network connections (many XP users have a separate wireless and wired connection, for example), the Windows Firewall settings apply Have one to sell? And then we went to WinSE and essentially ripped SP2 right out of their hands.

microsoft has yet to reveal when this new system may be online, but few doubt that it will be long. Paul: How does IE in SP2 compare to IE in Windows Server 2003? Windows 10: Is a switch really worth the trouble? useful source Remote Assistance Allows you to have a friend or IT professional remotely control your computer to demonstrate a process or help solve a problem.

the program doesn't simple generate the same keys for everyone that runs it (like some other key generation programs do). This is a great idea, but poorly implemented in SP2. In the interests of security, it's better to be safe than sorry, however. no way am i paying that when i can easily get it for free.

In XP SP1, release in September 2002, Microsoft changed the default behavior of Windows XP so that it would no longer connect to unsecured wireless networks. they already have sp1 final and after installing it, the network went down, this afternoon when i left the pc repair people where there trying to get it going, most of well, you get the idea. Load More View All Evaluate Dell Wyse thin clients offer VDI shops a diverse device selection Save space for flash-based storage in your VDI deployment VDI vendor lock-in might not be

Remote Desktop Allows you to remotely access your desktop computer from another computer running Windows 95 or later, giving you access to all of your data and applications even when you're Yes, there are situations that will require it, but if you determine that your organization can't afford to get off Windows XP on the basis of cost alone, you are wrong. Privacy Please create a username to comment. More Exchange backup options cover various deployment types Exchange administrators can choose from numerous backup offerings from Microsoft and third parties to restore individual emails ...

Each time you hit a Web site that attempts to open a pop-up window, IE opens a small yellow panel called the Information Bar at the top of the browser display Print reprints Favorite EMAIL Tweet Please Log In or Register to post comments. someone please come out with a good os that can run games! - by monkey in a cage re: autoupdates (6:19pm est wed sep 18 2002)works like a charm…thanks dblevajra - Paul: SP2 just feels like a whole OS.

Internally at Microsoft, the changes were jarring: XP SP2 was placed back in the main build lab as Microsoft engineers struggled to adapt Longhorn security features to the XP code base. Load More View All Manage Test your knowledge of mobile VDI access Five signs it's time to upgrade your VDI software Hyper-converged infrastructure systems put VDI on cruise control Four considerations On Windows XP, even with the new Wireless Setup Wizard and simpler wireless configuration tools in Service Pack 2, it's virtually impossible to accomplish this simple, and commonly-needed, task.

this is where we codenamed it Springboard.

Todd: I think there's an interesting story around the virtual team. anyone" i reinstalled xp home and went to use the product key for the first time to be told it had expired and that i had my 25 installs, me thinks Start my free, unlimited access. well….personally i used my f**king brain…..i have a legal copy of xp, and i didnt pay a single dime for it.

With an appeal forthcoming, and years of court appearances ahead of it, why would Microsoft chance further legal reprisals by bundling an even newer WMP version in SP2? This email address doesn’t appear to be valid. By submitting my Email address I confirm that I have read and accepted the Terms of Use and Declaration of Consent. Another win for the Good Guys.

of course, you can bypass a lot of this by just not using windows update, but how long before ms starts requiring authentication to download patches? In fact, this is also a viable means of preserving some of those oddball applications in your RDS environments. I also got it 2 days earlier then expected. It would actually crash the machine during an SP2 upgrade.

Security Center isn't perfect--because Microsoft doesn't offer its own AV package, it integrates with only some of the available third party AV utilities out there--and only works with the built-in Windows although microsoft won't comment on leaked patches, the downloads appear to be the real thing. We started walking through this list and realized that this was now not just an SP1 plus, it was now an SP2 \[as it was finally released, a major update\]. And so at that point, I sent out a mail to everyone in the division saying, "This is what we're going to do.

but, in their spare time, they like to screw them over. - by william gates so tell us then… (5:50pm est sun sep 08 2002) tell us then, "william" (hey! change the line that says autoupdate=ocgen.dll,ocentry,au.inf,hide,7 .. Please login. Paul: In time ... ?

Join the Discussion Join the conversation 1comment Send me notifications when other members comment. Several security experts contended over the weekend that XP SP2 was vulnerable to attack, even though Microsoft did not specifically list it or Windows 2000, the other edition retired from support Greater security, including the ability to encrypt your files and folders. It's not that we missed it.

No, I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, but I won't do this again. Unfortunately, when you're doing security stuff on the client, there are a lot of people saying, Hello? damn thing doesn't work. this would seem like a patch that all ie users should install.

It feels like this is the first time I've actually had a stable operating system environment where I can actually come in and feel like things are going to work. I'm still recovering. \[Laughter\] Todd: ... The entire episode was infuriating, turning what should have been a five-minute shopping experience into a nightmare. Paul: I mean, the thing with a server slip is that customers say, fine, get it right.