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Solved: My Mom's Computer Is Hijacked


You should change all your passwords just to be sure. Period. He said that my computer was sending infected messages to their "network" and he was calling to fix my computer for free just to get it to stop infecting others. Needless to say I completely ignored them and eventually he stopped calling. Source

Pity I lost some money, but people always lose money on the way. I should have known that this was a scam, but they had an automated phone service that continued to call me telling me that there was a computer virus on my Like past online transactions, bank, photos and what not? They keep getting calls after they told the scammers/hackers to stop calling.

I Gave Someone Remote Access To My Computer

File a report with the FTC at This is the only way to know that whatever the scammer might have left on your machine is truly gone. runs netstat-n on comand prompt to show me 4 computers are on my internet.

Comes across the caller ID as Unknown Person/Phone Number, am able to hear other people speaking in the background. At the end, Microsoft stuff up my laptop, I couldn't log in to use my laptop at all. Never got a company name. Can Someone Remotely Access My Computer With My Ip Address You may want to contact your bank and ask how to protect your account.

I didn't see him installing anything except Mozilla Firefox and upgrading Team Viewer to v10. Someone Has Remote Access To My Computer Is it just me or does the "Office Ambience" in the background sound totally fake. Data is backed up to the external drive (not plugged in at the time of the scam). I Googled it and took the info off of Avast forum- To remove Avast from Windows 7 requires different steps.

He then advised me to turn off the internet from my computer until he could fix the issues I was having. I Gave Someone Remote Access To My Mac Thank goodness for the internet and honest people warning us all mom god I cant believe I fell for this … gave access to my computer,but refused to pay 200.00 for He was so insistent about getting my permission that it gave me pause (hmm, maybe there is something real here). Took computer to reputable repair shop and they confirmed he was a crook.

Someone Has Remote Access To My Computer

But I don't know if this alone is going to keep them from being harassed again. The story: My mom fell for a scam artist on—and lived to tell the tale Learn about the top scams cyber criminals use and how to stay safe from them: Top I Gave Someone Remote Access To My Computer Seriously, a 70 something person comes up to a desk and wants to wire that type of money to a strange address I would question what it was for. I Gave Someone Remote Access To My Computer 2016 Federal employees like those in the FTC do important work every day.

The fun part is they assume everyone uses windows I use that to my advantage as I run Linux. this contact form Ended up worse off. would love cracking down to mean jail time for them. my 1st Microsoft Windows call from Indian/Pakistani "Alan Parker" of "Windows Service System" of Colorado at 303-351-7053. How To Stop Someone From Accessing My Computer Remotely

I said OK and I told him I had just given the money to my son. They requested to have control of our computer and my father inlaw not knowing much about computers at all gave it to him. Told me I had to go to my control center and let him access my computer to get the refund. have a peek here They did just return call and left me voicemail.

He gave me instructions which I followed and I then had TightVNC, PCCheck & ShowmyPC3161 on my computer. Can Someone Remotely Access My Computer Without My Knowledge I bought their paid product, but could not get it to work on my computer, so I called the customer service number on their website on two different occasions. Einstein | December 6, 2014 | reply 457-561-0916 was the caller ID on the scammer.

I have never owned a iPad.

I had a pop up and said they were part of Microsoft windows and a number pop up 1877 284 6789. or Krishna? "Now hit enter. Then saw another number, 800 903 1361. How Can You Tell If Someone Is Remotely Accessing Your Computer Have made a copy of it in case I need it, together with all emails.

I could write a book. They said they would check it out. If so, change them as soon as possible.Once you’ve got everything under control, email apologies to everyone who received, or might have received, spam apparently coming from you.Finally, follow these steps Check This Out Now what?

that provider was Symantic solutions. I also hung up. Now they called a couple days later saying FedEx lost my check and to send another one. Being that our computers were acting up and I was sick I allowed him access to my computer.

He says you may think it's fine but just let me have a look, I say nope, he insists I let him look at my pc so I said what kind While her case was a fortunate one, few people share her luck and this story should act as a reminder to always safeguard your personal information. Both men had an asiatic accent, I think India or Pakistan. You can contact the customer service department of the money transfer service and report what you know.

Microsoft, your ISP or any of the other companies these scammers claim to be from are not involved in any way. MICHAEL WAS THE ONE I GOT THAT BOTHERED ME THE MOST. That is a lot of viruses" HA HA HA.