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Solved: My Vista Based Laptop Is Clogged With Updates! How Can I Free Up Space!


For information on how to run diagnostics and identify the issue, refer to Dell Knowledge Base article: Run Built-In Diagnostics for Your System If the onboard diagnostics and other troubleshooting have The categories you see in the list will depend on what the Disk Cleanup tool found on your hard disk.  Figure CThe main feature of the Disk Cleanup interface is the unfortunately I found this.......... I think it is simply due to programme updates installing, especially Windows Vista. have a peek here

I know hard drive prices have fallen and it is easier to afford a larger drive then ever before BUUTTT, to me it would have been better to keep the original To check for malware on your system and to ensure that your computer is up to date on security software, refer to Dell Knowledge Base article: Protect Your Computer or Remove Your notebook will now display some information about your drive (file system type and serial number) and then scan the drive, fixing any errors it encounters. It can be a pain in the butt, but it keeps your system "cleaner" and better organized.As I believe someone else also mentioned, it is also possible that the system wasn't

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I don't know about the three folders for the game, they could be the files that were used to install the update, or they could be the files that are being To a very large degree I am paraphrasing wpgwpg, but I want to go one step further. Some laptops come with an external button or switch, separate from the software settings, to enable wireless connectivity. Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (0) Collapse - We're probably SO FAR OVER Patricia's head (no offense)...

They still seem to think all Data should go on the boot drive, regardless. WHERE are located the various My... If you are not confident, then find someone who knows computers and you can trust, and let them make the modifications. How To Repair My Laptop A damaged registry can lead to excessive CPU utilization, longer startup and shutdown times, poor application functionality or random crashes or hangs or even data loss!

It does have 32-bit and 64-bit versions depending on your OS version. How To Fix A Crashed Laptop Hover your mouse over Task Manager Free's SysTray icons to see if you are short of memory or if something is using a lot of resources. 7. With this in mind, notebook manufacturers construct their systems to stand up to everything from violent jostling to occasional spills. It has been protected by Norton Symantec throughout its life and, after a recent full system scan, Norton declares it to be in good health with all threats under control.

Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (1) Collapse - To Many Possibilities by hawkhuff / August 24, 2013 11:43 PM PDT In reply to: Many possibilities My 1TB drive is partitioned How To Reboot A Crashed Laptop My personal thought is to have separate 2 mechanical drives, one for the programs and one for the data! So while Registry cleaners or compressors may have had some benefit earlier, in the recent versions of Windows its use is not generally recommended by Microsoft. Your aged Dell should now be running better.

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Was the drive spinning/ reading or writing? This ‘fragmentation’ makes files slower to read and write, which in turn slows down your PC, but Windows has a built-in defragmentation tool to remedy it. How To Fix A Laptop That Wont Turn On versus El Capitan Test Results Ultrabooks Best Ultrabooks Best Laptops Overall Best College Laptops Laptop-Tablet Hybrids Buying Guide Deals Deal-Buying Do's and Don'ts Gaming Best Gaming Laptops Sub-$1,000 Gaming Laptops VR-Ready How To Fix A Laptop Screen It wouldn't necessarily have to be a 2 TB drive unless you have many, many songs or video files!

by elmarioc / August 24, 2013 4:31 AM PDT In reply to: Many possibilities If, as you mention, the "C" drive contains the OS and has a low capacity (50 GB, navigate here I am making an assumption here that your previous hard drive was not partitioned, so all files were in the C: drive.Suppose you are running Microsoft Word and you have chosen It helps you easily set up and secure your network, complete with a comprehensive network map, as well as repair broken wireless Internet connections. If you have not changed that, and if you have not changed where other saved files go, then you are saving all of your saved files in the C: partition and, Laptop Troubleshooting Guide

In Windows 8’s Modern UI version of Internet Explorer, open the Charms bar, click Setting – Options and scroll down the list of options to find the History and click the So can anyone help find ways to delete old Vista updates or is there an easy eay to check my system for any deletable files which maybe are hidden ?? The deletion is safe, but note the size of the file and calculate the space saving after you should delete.The windows.edb file path is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\windows.edb in Windows 8 ?To enter the Check This Out Road warriors should consider JiWire's Hotspot Helper ($24.95 per year), which will not only show where you can log on via Wi-Fi but also will protect your privacy while you surf

The Clean Up System Files button provides you with access to the Windows Update Cleanup feature. Laptop Problems And Solutions Pdf So they have Windows set to DEFAULT to set up Windows to put all your "my documents" folders on the BOOT drive (or partition). Beneath the list is a number indicating the total amount of disk space that you'll gain by removing the selected files.

System queued Windows Error Report Files used for error reporting and solution checking.As you select the various categories in the list, a View Files button may appear.

I found though, due to all sorts of upgrades, Java is one that springs to mind, which doesn't get rid of the previous version, that disk fills up very quickly. folders?If they are on the C: drive, they can take all the place, but the D: partition is still empty.In the explorer, right-click those folders and drag them to the D: Right-click the Desktop icon, select Properties and edit the Custom size value. How To Fix A Crashed Laptop Hp She may already know this, but I'm just mentioning this for any newbies that may be reading this.

For example, after running the Windows Update Cleanup feature on my Windows 8 system, the number of files only dropped from 58,739 to 58,130 and the size of the WinSxS folder If you want to preserve the data on your old drive and make switching to a new one as painless as possible, we recommend Apricorn's EZ Upgrade Universal & Hard Drive When such a thing happens, the read head on a hard drive has to hunt here and there to load what should be consecutive pieces of an operating system or program. this contact form If the issue still exists in safe mode, follow the instructions in section 5 below to check for malware.

Even though most laptops ship with the latest driver files, some systems will be outdated by the time the machine is sold. You can leave the default selection of file types as it is, but just selecting everything won’t cause any problems. This situation arose when you installed different programs that included updated versions of Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files with the same name as files already on the system. Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the entire file here. ---------------------------------------------------------------- flavallee, Dec 26, 2010 #2 Captain Furious Thread Starter Joined: Sep 3, 2007 Messages: 53 hi there, Thanks

Scan the list of applications installed for ones that you no longer use. I doubt if anyone is reading it now.Dafydd. Please try again later. My best guess is that he partitioned the C: drive to be smaller than your old "everything" C: drive and that is running out of room.

I hope this helps Patricia as well.SG1 Flag Permalink Reply This was helpful (1) Collapse - Partitioning can cause this. Move large files and/or seldom used files to backup media (Photos, Music you seldom listen to, application downloads after the application has been installed etc.). Microsoft once offered their own registry cleaners like RegClean, RegMaid which were discontinued from Windows XP onwards. Warning: Before uninstalling an application, be sure to back up important data.

Bad Keyboard Symptom: Missing or Loose Keys   Solution: Replace keyboard   Keyboards get the brunt of abuse on any laptop, either from typing or spilled coffee. Back to Top Increase virtual memory allocation Increasing the virtual memory allocation may increase system performance provided you have sufficient available free space on the hard drive.