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Solved: Oh NO! I Dropped My External Hard Drive


i still sounds like its working ok it spins make sounds just that when i plug it in it want get recognized. I can NOT believe this worked. An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request. However I could see it working, at least in the short term but I seriously doubt it would actually repair the drive for any lenght of time beyond data backup. check over here

You might not want to risk storing any important data on a drive that had been clicking, even if the hard drive clicking has ceased. Just a thought before spending more money. I had a LaCie 250GB external drive which had a mechanical failure and thought I had lost all my files. If the drive motor slows, or you have a power brown out, the heads can hit the platter, causing a "head crash".

Dropped External Hard Drive Not Working

its deffinitly from the hard drive. and how to recover it.. Every time ONLY 1 USB HDD is plugged there is no issues with too many drive letters or some drive letter crossing etc. This is a disaster recovery technique and will not fix a problem with the drive.

strange but hey it works now. Brandon Reply December 19, 2013 This is a ridiculous statement. I have heard some reports of this fixing the problem all together, however, that seems to be rare. Dropped External Hard Drive Not Recognized That looked promising.

thank you for the great tip ! Dropped Hard Drive Not Recognized faulty harddive? Once we determined that the drive wasn't spinning, we would place them in an anti-static bag and then inside 2 ziploc brand freezer bags. As i didn't know what the issue was i tried the freezer but this didn't work.

But when I plug it back it still happens.. Hard Disk Fell Down Not Detecting Is there any way of checking this or indeed replacing the board. But he again repeated, that he has known that this freezing thing works. It can't.

Dropped Hard Drive Not Recognized

if theres any other way out there, appreciate it for any help. Advertisement Recent Posts Good Ideas! Dropped External Hard Drive Not Working AC Reply April 12, 2007 I didn't know how to take the hard-drive out of my laptop, so I just put the entire computer in the freezer over night. Wd My Passport Dropped Not Working When I plugged them in again last week, 2 of them would spin up, click 3 times, spin down and then repeat that cycle.

I really pray that this works. snx Reply September 12, 2007 can someone recommend the best software for recovering data from a crashed harddrive. An error (403 Forbidden) has occurred in response to this request. Dain Reply March 8, 2010 I have the infamouse Seagate st31000340as 1TB drive's when they first came out. Dropped Seagate External Hard Drive Not Recognized

Helpful +8 Report tiger Jan 30, 2009 at 06:37 AM but what if you do NOT want to reformat. I think I'll try CO2 next and see how that goes. I am not sure if the heat could have messed it up or not but I have done this many times before. The disk controller will eventually reset itself if the power is left off for a while(i.e., the disk is unplugged), but this is inconvenient.

what've you got to lose? Dropped Wd My Passport Beeping You could order one today and have it delivered while you prepare the drive for the freezer (lucky you read this whole article before you started now, isn't it?). One time when it did not work, I filled a zip lock bag with extremely hot water and placed it on the cold drive.

Next try after I let it come back to normal temperatur and freezing down -14 degree I have got for a second a USB recognition on my XP, a window opened Jeannine Callon Jones Reply July 13, 2013 Haven't tried this yet but will. because of the transporting and the possible abuse a hd can take, i'd rather screw up my 80gb than my 300gb one. 80 is more than enough room for the external. Help steffi Reply June 11, 2010 my WD external hard disk had been partitioned into two, for mac and for windows, since the mac version contains all of my itunes music, My Wd Passport Fell Down And Not Working The next morning, I just plugged things in.

I don't know how to remove the hard drive and wonder if i can freeze the entire computer if i seal it properly? Give plenty of time to completely and uniformly cool down to the freezer temperature. If you have had any experience with a hard drive click of death fix feel free to post about it below. i need the external to keep data between my laptop, and desktop.although i might swith my 80gig to the external enclosure and keep the 300gb one in the desktop.

jared johnston Reply June 30, 2013 It can be less jam Reply February 15, 2011 my harddrive 500g will not let me save anything from my logic or computer e.g pictures. Plugged and unplugged into a 2nd XP machine just to verify I could see the drive with multiple computers. Here's How to Recover Data from a Clicking Hard Drive by Putting it in the Freezer: Here is the hard drive click of death fix: Step 1: Remove the drive from You can set one manually or leave it for about 2~5 minutes for one to be allocated auto.

I wouldn't keep turning it on until I did this. And the external drive was solely meant as a storage device for me anyway.